Need an eBook Landing Page?

I’ve done a lot of research on author websites, and this is what I’ve discovered:

1. Unless you’re a designer AND a coder, it’s difficult to pull off a very complex, graphic heavy author website.

2. Those sites load slow anyway. So it’s always better to use something minimal and white.

However there are still some choices to make.

I say you need to focus on getting readers to take the action you want by removing choices, and making your optin offer easy to find, and writing content that attracts the right readers: and I’m not wrong – I build sites assuming you want to attract natural traffic; content rich sites.

However if you’re driving traffic directly to your site yourself, through social media or advertising, and are already getting enough traffic, then you may be thinking about boosting your conversions, and for that you need a landing page.

A landing page is basically a very simple pitch with one option: sign up HERE to get a free book (or whatever). If readers really don’t want the offer, they can probably go look at something else on your site, but you don’t want to make it easy for them, because having a bunch of traffic on your website is kind of useless if you can’t get them to go do anything.

A landing page is different from a whole blog and you can test things out and see what works for you. Getting people to sign up to your list gives you control and the power to contact them when you have a book launch – and also lets you build a relationship with them through ‘drip content.’

For a big list of author websites you can check out this post of 99 themes I added to Creativindie.